About Ruth

Ruth Kramer is an International Angel reader. Ruth’s gifts allow her to speak with and walk with the Angels on your behalf, helping to guide options and best choices on your life path. For over 20 years Ruth has helped transform many lives, from broken and uncertain, to empowered and more joyful.

You can find Ruth at local Healing Sanctuaries OR book your own  Skype session and or  Angel Experience or  Interactive Cookery Event directly.

What makes Ruth different?

With over 25 years of massage, healing and bodywork experience, plus her own interesting journey, she can reach deeply within, physically, with medical intuitive abilities, emotionally, moving from hopeless to hopeful, mentally, acknowledging your brilliance, and how to best use it, and spiritually, remembering we aren’t alone and there’s more assistance than we could ever imagine.

Ruth has written 7 books – 3 Miracle series, relating to the healing stories weaved into her own life experience, and produced 5 CD’s on relaxation here and some of her books are also available in the version of  Kindle on Amazon.com

Ruth’s visions and strategies are very practical, light-hearted and delivered with humor and compassion. You will feel you have a friend who cares about you. She has traveled much of the world, and most of the United States, even though she still sounds like she just stepped off a boat from the UK.

Ruth has carried a certified, insured California Massage Therapist license. She has held a National certificate as a Hands-on instructor. Ruth is a Spiritual Reverent, performing marriages and guiding individuals and groups.   For over 8 years she has been a Cordon Bleu and raw/vegan Macrobiotic trained Chef – which means you can go from decadent to healthy in one meal!

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